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Slow Down Snails

My inspiration for these thoughtful creatures came from an unexpected place...

Years ago, as a mother of two young daughters, nineteen months apart, I desparately wanted to get something checked off my to-do list.  I was loading the dishwasher, and it dawned on me: The dishes, laundry, and all those other things on my list would always be there, my girls wouldn't.
I knew I needed to SLOW DOWN.

Unfortunately, those never-ending lists aren't going away.  We can't put more than twenty-four hours on the clock.

There are things we CAN do.  We can choose to SLOW DOWN and put the challenges at hand and ahead of us into perspective.

The ceramic snails are a reminder to do just that.

Click the ice cream cone for a Slow Down Snail Video Tutorial

Click the camera for a Slow Down Snail Prezi Presentation

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